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Energy Healing - What You Need To Know

Edgar Cayce and Charlie Goldsmith are examples of energy healers. Their work is phenomenal. Is it a gift or something that we all have the God given ability to do?

We humans have survived thousands of years without big pharma and chemical drugs. Amazing isn't it?

Society and the mainstream media have most people believing that without drugs, we're all goners. This is not the case! In fact, I would make a point that chemical drugs have made the world a more dangerous place than ever. How?

Aside from the fact that opioid drugs are killing people at an unprecedented rate through addiction and overdose, modern drugs have upset the balance of the planet and human relationships with it.

Specifically, drugs have caused dangerous microbes to mutate into unnatural forms that have become incurable. Examples of this can be found in MRSA, drug resistant STDs and many others.

Energy healing is natural. Life is based on frequencies. Everthing is made up of frequencies. So, whether it's Edgar Cayce or Charlie Goldsmith, the end result is a change in energy fields via a change in frequencies that make up the subject being healed.

This also applies to NATURAL herbs used for healing. They change energy patterns in the body. And, on a more scientific level - Rife Frequencies. They work by changing energy patterns directly with resonance and frequencies that promotes fast healing of even the most serious health problems. See this link... And...

Anyone has the ability to perform energy healing.

The main problem is, most of us have lost our way. Not intentionally. By design and not ours (alien?). Society has been plagued by technology. That's one of the new real killers. Be it TV, cell phones or video games, we are in trouble! Sure, they can all be used for good, but they're not in most cases. They are made to distract us from our real purpose in life and God.

Did you know that the average person checks their cell phone 85 times per day? A shocking 2017 statistic! How can one expect to be "in tune" with their own being and the universe with data like that? Its highly unlikely!

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Life Frequencies - The Computer Program That Changed the World of Alternative Health

When Brian's wife got cancer back in 2004, it was a scary prospect. They had no insurance and little money. To top it off, Brian's parents had both died of cancer. It's a horrible disease that leads to a painful death.

As a scientist, Brian knew about Dr. Royal Rife and Rife Machines, but back then, a cheap one was around $4000.00. That was all about to change...

Considering what they were going through, it became his goal to get the technology in the hands of people who need it and make it affordable for everyone. Flat out, nobody should have to go through that and nobody has to.

Brian began creating algorithms using sound waves that would make Rife Frequencies work with computers, headphones and speakers. Out of desparation and the fact that he had little more than that to work with at the time, he worked around the clock on this for months. In the end, he had a 100% success rate with everything that he encountered using this new technology.

Surprisingly, he had come accross some heavy hitters interested in his work. Doctors, sugeons, alternative practitioners all wanted to know about it. The word spread fast. This was a good thing, because now Brian had help in unfamiliar areas and experts that could lab and field test his work.

In 2009, the first Life Frequencies program was created - Life Frequencies Millennium. It was a simple program with basics of Rife and his pain relief technology, TBSW. It also had a chakra system in it. As simple as it was, it became widely used by alternative practitioners and even mainstream doctors to get rid of MRSA.

In 2011, Life Frequencies Professional was developed. It had several sections for energy healing and a database for doctors and practitioners. It's use quickly spread.

Today, Life Frequencies is still an affordable program that has become a staple in alternative health and energy healing used around the world. The latest versions allow people to record their frequency sessions and email audio files to patients using ANY device or cell phone.

Chakra Energy Healing

Chakras have been around since the first documents appeared from mankind. They are the human energy centers that are our life force.

Through the chakras and chakra frequencies, one can create a balance in health, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

Listening to certain special chakra frequencies can create resonance and change the makeup of the human energy centers. This can have a profound and highly positive effect on people!

There are 7 main chakras and 2 that are also very useful. (Some say that there are 128 chakras, however they are all part of the main chakras and the color / sound frequency spectrum).

By focusing on the 9 chakras, other things fall into place.

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Introduction to Energy Healing - By Karina Popa

The concept of energy healing includes lots of alternative methods of healing. These methods include the manipulation of a person's energy or aura. Among the most popular types of energy healing, we can mention quantum, pranic and reiki healing.

The energy healing is quite adaptable because it can be performed live or from afar. In addition to this, it can be combined with various practices in order to increase the effect (crystal healing is an example).


This is a very popular healing method which became very famous around the world due to its non-invasive method of work. This technique works on the energy of the body in order to bring modifications to its physical. A practitioner of reiki is trained in receiving energy, scanning the client in order to discover the problems and filling those areas with energy in order to eliminate any blockage that might appear. There are lots of categories of reiki, but the general principle is the same in all cases.


This type of healing uses prana, or the energy of life, in order to bring equilibrium in the energies of the client and remove any potential blockage. This type of method is similar to reiki, and transforms the aura of the client, and not his body. In the case of the pranic healing, there is no touching involved. The practitioner only moves the hands over the aura and manages to discover the imbalances. The principles of pranic healing state that the chakras in the palms are activated during the training period, and they allow specialists to feel the energies of the others.


This type of healing is not as popular as pranic and reiki, but it doesn't mean it is not important. It's a type of energy healing which allows the specialist to influence the client on a quantum basis. This leads to a different perception and mind of the client. These are changed by the practitioner who manages to change the physical body too. It is believed that the state of mind can influence the physic, and this is what quantum healing is focused on.

The energy healing is a very flexible domain, since the energy cannot be influenced by space or time. This way, a client can be treated without having to interact with the practitioner. This is known as a distance healing, and lots of practitioners go online to search for clients. In addition to this, they can receive training from a distance, meaning that one can study the methods of energy healing without getting in contact with the instructor.

Of course, there are different methods that can permit the use of various techniques, like crystal healing. It is not uncommon for pranic or reiki healers to include into their sessions crystals which are thought to have special properties. By using the right crystal, one can concentrate all the energies and heal the client faster and without too many problems.

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